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[Video]The violence in Tibet

In this video, you see that the supporters of Dalai Lama threw stones over a innocent resident of Lhasa, and eventually killed him, which is considered as peaceful demonstration by Dalai Lama and so-called ‘Tibet Government’ in exile.


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  1. this is horrible, but how can I tell who supports whom and why these people are fighting?

    Comment by maryanne stahl | March 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. to maryanne stahl: Some rioters speak Tibetan without a Lhasa accent, but their accent is similar with India. I’m sure that they came from India where the Dalai government locates. However, I believe that only a few rioters are dispatched to Lhasa by Dalai, and most people who participated in the riot are residents of Lhasa. Their anger comes from the misunderstanding between Han(the majority of Chinese people), Muslim and Tibetan. Chinese government should solve this problem with Han, Muslim and Tibetan together. Anyway, I don’t want to see any violence. If Chinese Tibetan government kills innocent people though the most of officiers are Tibetan, I will strongly condemn it. Similarly, now the supporters of Dalai killed many innocent people, both Hans and Tibetans, of course, I do not hesitate to condemn Dalai and his supporters.

    Comment by factandtruth | March 24, 2008 | Reply

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