Hope Tibet Will Have a Brighter Future

Purpose Statement

I’m currently a graduate student at University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. In order to find the true fact of Tibet Riot in 2008 and to collect the information related to this riot, I build this website. 


I believe that the respect of human rights is a universal value, which not only mean that Chinese Tibet government should respect the religion and culture of Tibetans, but also require that Dalai Lama and his supporters should respect the life and culture of Tibetan people including the Tibetans, Muslims and Hans(the majority of Chinese people, but the minority in Tibet).


The controversial topic is whether Tibet was an independent country before the army of Communist party of China entered Tibet in 1950. Dalai and his supporters always tell people the answer is “sure”-they declare that a treaty which confirmed the independence of Tibet was signed by Britain, China and Tibet representatives in 1914. However, Chinese government never signs this treaty. I don’t know why Dalai, a Nobel Laureate in Peace, tell this lie. Maybe the only answer is that he failed to find any evidence that can confirm the independence of Tibet, therefore, the only solution is to tell lie.


When people all across the world believe Dalai’s lie, they definitely tend to condemn Chinese government and Chinese people. Especially, you find that China is a Communist country, and then you think Communist party is sure to be fault, ever. If you do this, you fail to know the true fact, you tolerate Dalai and his supporters to kill innocent Chinese people, including Tibetans, Muslims and Hans, and finally you support a group of people who indeed violate human rights. 


Serious comments are welcome. Only when we know the real fact in Tibet, can we figure out solutions to elminate the misunderstanding between Han, Muslim and Tibetan, and  to protect the human rights of all the people in Tibet. 


March 24, 2008 - Posted by | Articles

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  1. Thank you for your article about slavery in Tibet. In the West, we lack informations about this topic. I feel very concerned with the question of slavery, because I am from the Caribbeans, and as you know, our history was strongly marked by this painful episode. So, any ex-slave in the world is somehow my brother. Moreover, I studied and practiced Tibetan Buddhism when I was younger, and my conclusion is that those so-called monks are liars, and slavery is in their way of thinking. In the west, white people do not want to hear this; they are convinced that the dalai lama is a “saint”. But the fact is that there is absolutely no holiness in such a personality. And I approve what you say when you compare him to Osama Bin Laden. Nevertheless, I do have some objections against the Chinese communist government. First of all, I have no sympathy for communism and I don’t believe that there can be freedom within communism (we have the example of Cuba in the Caribbeans). Second, I’ve lived in Africa, and I can say that the Chinese policy is not very different from the past European colonialism. They sell only cheap and poor quality articles in Africa, meanwhile they exploite the resources of the continent. They impose their Chinese culture on TV, on radio, and so on. So, where is the difference with colonialism ? Anyway, I don’t make confusion between communists and Chinese people, nor between political leaders and simple citizens. I want you to know that I respect all the Chinese people, and I hope that one day, you’ll get your real freedom. May Lord Jesus-Christ bless you !

    Comment by Axel | February 16, 2011 | Reply

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