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American people oppose anti-China campaign

Several American teachers in San Francisco condemned the violent supporters of Dalai Lama.

The following statement is originally published on : http://www.pslweb.org

This statement does not represent my position, however, it does reflect some ordinary American people’s viewpoint.

Statement opposing anti-China campaign

A PSL press release

We are opposed to the campaign of disinformation and demonization that is targeting the People’s Republic of China (PRC.) The timing of the campaign is linked to China’s hosting of the 2008 Summer Olympics. That the Olympics are taking place in China is of historic significance and great pride to all the country’s people. It was less than six decades ago that China emerged from a century of colonialist humiliation at the hands of the same big powers that are spearheading the China-bashing campaign today.

Washington is providing financial, political, diplomatic and propaganda support to the racist demonization effort, supposedly because of concern for “human rights.” This is the same government that is directly responsible for the death of one million Iraqis since 2003.

While one out of every three Iraqis have been killed, wounded or displaced since 2003 the US government is eager to have people in the US., especially students, protest any government other than their own. One pretext for the anti-China campaign is the fact that the PRC has trade relations with Sudan. The US wants to overthrow the government of oil-rich Sudan and replace it with a puppet. It has supported “rebel groups” who are prolonging the civil war. The people of the Sudan, who are suffering greatly, are cynically used as a fund raising vehicle by organizations that have raised tens of millions of dollars but have never spent a penny actually helping the people of Sudan, including those who live in the Darfur region.

Demonization campaigns against particular countries and their leaders are not just media exercises. Over the last two decades, such campaigns have preceded the invasions of Iraq and Panama, the bombing war against Yugoslavia, the coups in Haiti and attempted coup in Venezuela, and a threatened war against Iran. The pattern is clear and so too is the danger.

Regarding Tibet, for many centuries a region of China, the hand of Washington in the latest events is obvious for anyone who wants to see. For more than 50 years, the CIA and other U.S. government agencies have trained, funded, coordinated and supported the old feudal and repressive regime in Tibet represented by the Dalai Lama. The CIA front group the National Endowment for Democracy funds the International Campaign for Tibet, the Tibetan Youth Congress, the Tibetan People’s Uprising Movement and the Dalai Lama himself. The U.S. maintains close ties with the Tibetan “government-in-exile” in India, whose real aim is to break away a region making up a quarter of China’s territory. These U.S. actions constitute an effort to de-stabilize and dismember the Peoples Republic of China. The progress in education, women’s rights, employment and health care would be immediately eviscerated if the old serf-owning ruling elite, represented by the Dalai Lama, was brought back to power.

No one, least of all progressive people, should be misled about what is really going on. The real motivation for the anti-China campaign has nothing to do with human rights or liberation, and everything to do with an agenda of global domination.

We the undersigned call for an end to the disinformation and demonization campaign against China, and a halt to the attempts to boycott and disrupt the 2008 Olympics.

Initial Signers:

Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General
Muna Coobtee, Party for Socialism and Liberation
Tony Gonzales, American Indian Movement-West*
Richard Becker, Western Region Coordinator, ANSWER Coalition*
Dave Ewing, Co-Chair,U.S.-China Peoples Friendship Association,San Francisco
Willie Bartolome, Coordinator, Philippine Peasant Support Network (Pesante)-USA
Arturo P. Garcia, Philippine Immigrant Network for Empowerment
Bob Anderson, Stop the War Machine, Albuquerque, New Mexico*
Chuck Kaufman, Co-Coordinator, Nicaragua Network*
Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, Civil Rights Attorney
Peter Erlinder, Law Professor, former President of the National Lawyers Guild
Riva Enteen, member, National Lawyers Guild
Idriss Stelley Foundation
Education Not Incarceration, San Francisco Chapter
San Francisco Village Voice Community Radio
Mesha Monge Irizarry, San Francisco Bayview National Black Newspaper reporter*
Gilberto López y Rivas, Professor and Journalist
Beatrice Eisman, U.S.-Vietnam Friendship Association*
Mario Santos, National Coordinator,Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines—USA
Jim Lafferty, Interim General Manager, KPFK 90.7 FM Pacifica Radio* and Executive Director, National Lawyers Guild, Los Angeles*
Ecumenical Fellowship for Justice and Peace-Los Angeles
Judi Cheng, New York City, NY
Eli Stephens, Left I on the News
Allen Cooper, Veterans for Peace, GI Rights Hotline*
Peing Baclig, Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)*
Jack Vergara, Echo Park Community Coalition (EPCC)*
Pons De Leon, First Quarter Storm Network (FQSN)-USA-
Harald Neuber, journalist, Germany
Jazy Bonilla D.C.16 IUPAT Organizer *
Dr. Carmen Mercedes Baez, Argentina
Eladio González, (toto) Ernesto Che Guevara Museum, Argentina
Tara Hui, activist, San Francisco
Christine Araquel, Chair, Kabataang maka-Bayan (KmB,Pro-PeopleYouth), USA
Ernesto Arce, Pacifica Radio, KPFK 90.7FM, Los Angeles*
Salvador Cordon, Coordinator, FMLN, Northern California

*Organizations for Identification Only


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    • <span>That requires a GideonLevyWatch type blog. It’s a full time job, and he may use it for his own pr;pttion. <span> &lo;/span><sman> </span><span> </span&gto</span>

      Comment by Coralee | May 18, 2017 | Reply

  1. Thank you so much for having this site and sharing the truth. I have family who endured the brutual, terrifying and unjust society of Tenzin Gyotso(aka Dalai Lama) and his predecessors, monks and others of the ruling class of old tibet. The truth is hardly ever heard. I wish that wasn’t the case, I just feel sometimes that evil usually wins, why is that? I guess the answer is evil always has an agenda and are better funded financially. Money talks as they say.
    Thank you thank you for exposing the truth. We know it first hand, but others do not. Tenzin gyotso, the “holier” than thou, is not what he claims to be. He is actually a monster under that disguise. He does not speak for us, he does without OUR approval. My family and I, the majority of Tibetian people and heritage know the facts and we loathe him, he is a dictator, evil ruler of a kingdom we suffered through. He NEVER showed my family or any other commoner ANY compassion, talking is cheap, in action he did nothing, showed us NO compassion.
    We don’t want him and never will. No more slavery! no more serfdom! WE ARE FREE! He is as evil as evil can be, human sacrifices for example. Don’t you see how creepy he is and not genuine at all? are all you white people blind? maybe you are just easily convinced, and others are I know just employees of one of his organizations and chanting out foolish things that are not true, just dumb lies from an evil organization created by evil dictators.
    Us Tibetians of the former serf and slave class knows your heart is in the right place, but please know your facts from fiction. Let me ask you this, why are you listening to the lies of these evil rulers? Just because they wear robes doesn’t make them better than us or innocent, they are murderers and rapist. Why don’t you meet one of us who truly represent the Tibetian people, the commoners. Why are you believing the slave owners who beat, raped and committed criminal actions? Obviously these former slave owners, masters, have a different view of tibet than we the former slaves and serfs do. Don’t you get it??????? is that too hard to understand? Are you stupid?
    China was my family’s and 97% of Tibetian people’s angel! China’s government saved us. WE ARE FREE because of China’s gov’t. Why are you siding with the slave owning masters? Meet us, we Tibetian people of the former slave and serf class would tell you, ask us any questions you want, talk to us, we’ll to tell you, but I know not everyone wants to bring up that sad past but tell us how important it is for you to know and give the reasons why. Talk with us at restaurants, at the shops, off the street, whereever you want in Tibet.
    I study abroad here in America, my family are still in Tibet, and I will be returning home when I graduate, I feel alone sometimes, I don’t even tell people I am Tibetian, they will not understand if I tell them the truth. I’m too afraid to say anything at my school, because the slave owner class’s organization has an office here at my univeristy( I dont want to name my school, in case one of our former master’s family members running these organizations find out, they could find me and silence me. I don’t want to be attcked or hated by everyone else.
    This is safer. They are too powerful, all you white americans believe them without question. Why? Is that what you are taught here by your families to not question anything? I do notice others who are not white are smarter then to fall for their lies. Maybe its just at my university?
    STOP attacking China, it’s like someone attacking the fireman that helped you or your family member out of a burning building. It doesn’t make any sense, learn the truth. Come visit my people in Tibet if you want to get the facts, its that easy.

    Comment by The wiser one | June 13, 2010 | Reply

  2. Chinese puppies barking …..communist dog

    Comment by Lhakpa | August 30, 2014 | Reply

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