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Tibetan Youth Congress: A New Rising Terrorist Organization

This article does not reflect my position. I post this entry because it’s informative-factandtruth

Tendzin Choegyal, the Dalai Lama’s younger brother and follower, said, “Terrorist activities could achieve the biggest effect at the lowest cost.

The violent incident in Lhasa on March 14 — including beating, smashing, looting and arson — exposed the terrorist nature of “Tibetan Youth Congress” (TYC) as the direct planner of the riot. The crimes made the organization look like a kin member of Al-Qaida, Chechnyan armed terrorists and “East Turkistan” separatists.

Founded in 1970, the TYC advocates “complete independence of Tibet” and has fully integrated into the “Tibetan government-in-exile”, entering the power core of the Dalai clique. It has long been involved in secessionist activities.

Speeches by some leading members of the organization and the Dalai clique revealed they would use terrorism to achieve their goals.

Gaisang Puncog, former chairman of the TYC, said, “We could use any methods to serve our cause, whether it is violent or non-violent.”

Tendzin Choegyal, the Dalai Lama’s younger brother and follower, said, “Terrorist activities could achieve the biggest effect at the lowest cost.”

One of the Dalai Lama’s most-trusted subordinates said in a speech to the Brookings Institution in Washington that a few desperate individuals and organizations could trigger instability on a large scale.

In a meeting of its “central executive committee” in Dharamsala, India, the TYC approved a decision to “found a guerrilla movement as soon as possible to secretly enter China and carry out armed struggles.

The organization also made preliminary plans to prepare personnel, funding and arms to steal into China through the China-Nepal border. Some ringleaders even claimed that they could sacrifice at least 100 Tibetans to achieve a “thorough victory”.

It’s not strange for a terrorist organization to plan killing, as the September 11 terrorist attacks have shown.

In January, the TYC announced it would implement the “Tibetan People’s Uprising Movement” and established an organizing committee with Tsewang Rinzin, the “TYC president”, acting as its top leader. It also ran several training courses to teach guerilla warfare and bombing technology.

In February, the TYC held campaigns in Dharamsala to recruit participants for the “Tibetan People’s Uprising Movement” and trained key members for the activity.

What makes the TYC a terrorist organization is not only what it has said but what it has done. Police in Lhasa seized more than 100 guns, tens of thousands of bullets, several thousand kilograms of explosives and tens of thousands of detonators, acting on reports from lamas and ordinary people.

These figures, in addition to the deaths of more than a dozen ordinary people in the Lhasa riot, show that the TYC is no different from Al-Qaida, Chechnyan armed terrorists, “East Turkistan” separatists and any other terrorist organization.

Under Chinese law, terrorist organizations are those which use violence to threaten national security, sabotage social stability, harm people and damage their property, those which have leaders and assigned missions, and those which have organized, planned, instigated, implemented or participated in terrorist activities, or are carrying out such activities.

Such groups also include those having built bases for terrorist activities, systematically recruited and trained terrorists, collaborated with international terrorist organizations to sponsor, train and cultivate terrorists, and have participated in terrorist activities.

Judging by these criteria, the TYC is a terrorist organization in a pure sense.


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  1. I’m sorry, but I don’t buy any of this. If China is sincere about the Olympics being above politics, will they let the Dalai Lama attend the Games?

    We should ask the President and other leaders to make their attendance at the Games contingent on Beijing allowing the Dalai Lama to attend. (He said he’d like to go.)

    That would be a huge concession by China, it calls their bluff on whether the Olympics should be “above politics”, and it lets them make the decision. Plus, it’s a cleaner test that “talk to the D.L.” (which would end as soon as the Olympics are over). Post on this, with White House, Presidential candidates’, and Pelosi and Reid’s contact info:

    Comment by Thersites D. Scott | April 11, 2008 | Reply

  2. To Thersites D. Scott:

    Your point seems far from this article.

    Ironically, it is Dalai Lama who was calling for people all over the world to boycott Olympics Games initially. When he found U.S. President Bush and I.O.C. President Rogge and some other influential political leaders oppose to connect sports and politics, he changes his declaration and said he is willing to attend the Games.

    There are at least 18 innocent people in Lhasa killed by Dalai Lama’s employees during the recent riot. Just imagine will U.S. allow Osama Bin Laden to attend the super bowl?

    As for those Presidential candidates, they are running for presidency, they want to show their firm position on human rights. Especially for the Democrats, both Clinton and Obama , are fiercely fighting for the nomination, they are unwilling to play racial cards on the topic related to US domestic affairs,i.e. the incendiary comments by Rev. Wright ,because it’s politically high risky. So, they point to China, attack the human rights record of China, it’s politically safe. They do not really want to let China improve its human rights, they just want to provoke the passion of their supporters and their potential supporters, in order to build a good image on the human rights topic.

    Comment by factandtruth | April 11, 2008 | Reply

  3. Factandtruth: I’m not aware of the D.L. calling for a boycott, though I’m willing to be shown contrary evidence (not from state news, though!). More generally, though: I’m baffled by the CCP’s constant effort to paint the D.L. as a bad guy, when for years now he has only sought the autonomy that China originally promised, not independence. Every time China calls him a terrorist or accuses him of being behind violence, it sinks lower in the world’s opinion. And when he dies, younger Tibetans will call for full independence. Why doesn’t China seize the chance to make a peaceful deal with a peaceful leader?

    Comment by Thersites D. Scott | April 11, 2008 | Reply

  4. Thersites:

    Before the riot, the website of Tibet government in exile had a highlight article calling for boycott, however, the website was re-constructed coincidentally and this article vanishes when the riot happened. I think you can find related news by Google News.

    I have to confess that Dalai Lama is a talented diplomat. He declares only an autonomy in a high level under the Chinese constitution. Most people are familiar with this declaration. However, in detail, he requires Beijing retreat all the army, requires all the non-Tibetan Chinese go away form Tibet, and requires Beijing government continue to give financial aids. Those requirements are far more than independence. What’s important, Dalai Lama was the biggest slave-owner all over the world, at least 95% Tibetans did not have any freedom but still was infused that Dalai Lama was their Holiness. You have to admit this was the fact before 1959. Is he qualified to claim ordinary Tibetan’s human rights?

    By the way, have you ever been to Tibet, talk with ordinary Tibetans? How can you confirm all the Tibetans want a independence? Is that a mainstream viewpoint among Tibetan people? As for those young Tibetans in exile, they live a life which was different from the original Tibetan life, and they enjoy the modern life built on the Western culture. They can not understand the real Tibetan people and they fail to represent the ordinary Tibetan people.

    In the end, it is important to see what Dalai Lama has actually done, not his comments and declarations in the media.

    Comment by factandtruth | April 11, 2008 | Reply

  5. I forgot to say, that Osama Bin Laden, also said that if U.S. can retreat all the military force from Middle East, he will stop attacking U.S.. Well, USA is a nation of democracy, and PRC is a nation of dictatorship. Therefore, China deserves a terrorism attack, is it Chinese original sin?

    Comment by factandtruth | April 11, 2008 | Reply

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  7. Thersites D. Scott:
    May I suggest you to read this article (also not from state media) to know more about Dalai Lama, and how things in Tibet are like this? http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=8625

    Comment by thefooledmass | April 11, 2008 | Reply

  8. There is history of terrorist in Tibet neither there is now.
    If the you guys called Dalai lama a terrorist then what would you call Mao, Chao an lai, Hu zin tao,Li peng, etc
    In 50 years, this march 14 was the first time the unfurtunate incident happen and Dalai Lama threadning his own tibetan people stop violence or he wil completely resign.

    Comment by Gelay Thondup Amdo | April 25, 2008 | Reply

  9. Bin Laden was also once a freedom fighter according to the american government. Well, why not?

    Comment by einbuch | May 13, 2008 | Reply

  10. It’s amazing how little light is being put onto the fact that the Dalai Lama used to be on the CIA’s payroll and that the CIA had a training camp in Colorado for his followers to conduct “nuisance operations” against the Beijing government. I mean for crying out loud these are facts that have been proven by scholars both Chinese and non-Chinese and it is backed up by declassified documents from the CIA themselves! Apparently when you kill Han or Hui-Chinese that’s freedom fighting, or the media here just won’t even mention you killed based on ethnic separatism and hatred, but if you kill an American, or a citizen of a Western country, that’s terrorism. The hypocrisies and doubelstandards are astounding.

    I also love how the Dalai Lama never mentions a peep about how the Beijing government spends millions of dollars every year to help develop infrastructure in Tibet such as hospitals and schools, instead he accuses such actions as ‘cultural genocide’ and the West just picks up the term without hesitation. They don’t bother asking themselves what it’s called when McDonalds litter the streets of Beijing, KFC down the roads of Shanghai and Starbucks litter every corner or Tokyo, no that’s development and modernization, but the Beijing government building schools and hospitals in Tibet? That’s cultural genocide. I wonder then why the Dalai Lama speaks English so well as he auctions off his Land Rover on ebay for $80,000 and co-edits French vogue, are those a part of Tibetan culture then?

    If extreme-separtists in Quebec started attacking and killing Anglophones and burning down private property owned by Anglophones I wonder how the Canadian government would react and how they’d label those separatists. Oh wait! That did happen! They were called the FLQ (Front du Liberation Quebec) and used violence to try and achieve Quebec independence. They were long-labeled a terrorist organization by the Canadian government and when they kidnapped 2 diplomats to attempt at achieving their goal the Canadian government under Piere Trudeau enacted the War Measures Act suspending civil liberties. How hypocritical then that when another organization, this time the Free Tibet supporters, start hacking away at innocent civilians in Tibet to achieve their goal of independence and the Chinese authorities are called in all of a sudden it’s the Chinese government that’s being blamed and the killers are called freedom fighters.

    People need to stop waving their Tibetan flags that was, by the way, given to them by one of the Qing emperors, and start actually learning some history before blindly screaming FREE TIBET like some ignorant fools being used by organizations that only want to cause trouble for China now that she’s becoming stronger and more powerful. It’s even more hysterical how the countries that are screaming the loudest for Free Tibet were the same ones that didn’t hesitate at the beginning of the 20th century to go stomping into China and at gun-point forced us to accept their opium and when we refused they started a war against us. Then, upon our defeat, they cut us up like pizza, each invading country taking a slice, and treated us like dogs on our own soil. Now, after 100 years, they’re back to try and split us up again? I don’t think so, not this time.

    Comment by Mengya Li | July 2, 2008 | Reply

    • after south eastasia it is the China’s turn uprising

      Comment by Pravin | April 16, 2011 | Reply

  11. Unfortunately the Chinese are leaving the Tibetan people with very few options. What should they do? Sit and watch their country, culture and people being annihilated on a daily basis.

    Secondly, what Tibet was like prior to the invasion is irrelevant. The Dalai Lams set up a democratic government system in exile many years ago. Pointing to the old system in Tibet in order to justify and rationalize what the Chinese are doing to Tibet and Tibetan culture today is just that, a rationalization in order to detract people from the reality of what can only be classified as a multi-level genocide.

    Comment by 29 peace | July 4, 2008 | Reply

  12. you have quite the nerve to compare the Dalai Lama to Osama Bin Laden.

    You have just proven your incredible degree of ignorance.

    It is like comparing Charles Manson to Jesus.
    One is a confirmed murdered, the other, a religious figure.

    If you want someone to compare to Osama, how about Mao??

    You spend your time bashing the Dalai Lama – tell us something about General Mao…you know the guy who murders in the THOUSANDS. I dont see you being to harsh on him….wonder why 🙂

    I have been to Tibet. I have visitied TIbetans living in Exile in India, USA and Canada. Not one has supported any of your claims. You can claim as much as you want, but maybe you will stand a chance if you can dig up some support, and not internet comments or random pictures, but hard facts.

    And I agree with 29 peace. What Tibet did in their history is IRRELEVANT to chinas invasion of tibet, chinas murder of tibetans, and chinas continued opression of the people. Your rationalizations are ridiculous.

    The world is watching. the more china lies and dismisses their actions, the more we laugh and pity you.

    Comment by Chamdoll | November 8, 2008 | Reply

  13. I’m disturbed by the ignorance and logic of the free tibet movement. You have all been brainwashed into believing lies of the former serf owners. I don’t care how you reason it, I will never support the creation of a theocracy, no even a buddocracy. The demands of the free tibet movement are absurd and unrealistic. No government will give up 1/4 of their land so a theocracy can be created.

    Comment by dean | November 27, 2008 | Reply

    • that 1/4 land ur talking about is being forcefully captured through invasion.It never belonged to china and never will be.

      Comment by Pravin | April 16, 2011 | Reply

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