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Free Tibet supporter attacked a young girl with disability in relay

This happened in Paris. The wild Free Tibet supporter attacked a young girl with disability during the Olympics torch relay. It’s believed this African French is employed by Dalai Lama and his supporters, to disturb the Olympic torch relay.


A young Chinese torchbearer captured thousands of Chinese hearts yesterday when she protected the Olympic torch from repeated assaults by Tibetan activists in Paris.

Jin Jing, 27, known as the “Smiling Angel in a Wheelchair” by her friends, is herself an athlete, a fencer. She was supposed to be the third torchbearer on the Paris route, but the plan was changed because of the chaotic protests. The torch was eventually passed to her on the banks of the Seine River.

But before she could take the flame several protestors threw themselves at Jin and her two companions, one of whom is blind. Jin appeared a little scared but protected the torch from the activists, who were then dragged away by French police.

Jin Jing told the press she was very upset and angry when the incident happened. Today her image was published on many online forums and news sites, accompanied by messages of support from ordinary Chinese people who praised her bravery and condemned the brutality of her attackers.

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