Hope Tibet Will Have a Brighter Future

Videos related to Tibet Riot

The first series videos tell you how the supporters of Dalai Lama ‘peacefully’ demonstrated.

Some crazy Dalai supporters assaulted an innocent people in the street of Lhasa. It is believed this person was died. It remains no answer how the Dalai’ supporters demonstrate peacefully through killing innocent people.

March 14th, the supporters of Dalai were demonstrating peacefully in Lhasa. The so-called peaceful demonstration, however, resulted in killings, fires and terrible chaos in Lhasa. Dalai Lama is believed to be the commander of this riot, though he apparently claimed he does not want to see any violence.

Some rioters showed in this video have already admitted that they were employed by the member of ‘Tibet Government in exile’ to assault citizens and policemen in Lhasa, with roughly 500 RMB per day as the salary.

This video tell you how the Western media distorted the fact in Tibet.


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